Community Building

  • If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my experience of working with students, families, classmates, and neighbors, it's that we can accomplish more when we work together. We must create and support initiatives that encourage neighborhood cohesion. Knowing who your neighbors are is the best way to ensure safe and healthy communities.


  • We can build strong neighborhoods by creating new neighborhood associations and supporting those already in existence. By providing a space for neighbors to collaborate and take action on the issues most important to them, we gain a valuable source of information as to what the needs of the community are.

Civic Engagement

  • For too long, the lack of attention paid to South Oklahoma City has led to a sense of apathy among residents because politicians and city staff have constantly overlooked our neighborhood and community needs. As our city continues to grow, we must give residents of ward 4 something to be excited about so that they feel engaged and empowered to take part in the political processes that determine the direction of our city’s growth. 


  • All data points show an increasing amount of diversity and minority representation in our city’s demographic makeup. We must ensure that all cultural and socio-economic groups are included in the decision making going on about issues that directly affect them. We must seek equity in representation and participation.


Empowering Neighborhoods

  • Whether renting or owning, residents of Ward 4 deserve to have pride in their neighborhoods. To that end, it is important that we are diligent in the surveyance of properties that have fallen into idle ownership or disrepair. We can create and/or enhance the processes used to more quickly understand and act on the issues that lead to vacant properties, poorly maintained rentals, and homeowners who lack the resources to keep up with their homes.

    • By working with private and public partners, we can provide residents with the necessary resources to improve their homes and enhance their neighborhoods. 

Tackling Gentrification and Displacement

  • The City Council is entrusted with voting on approval of neighborhood developments that are often touted as an overall benefit for the city. What is often overlooked is the fact that many city residents rent their homes and while these developments increase property values, they also contribute to the displacement of community members who will find themselves unable to afford the increased rent, or will be pushed out by a property owner’s self-interest in selling the property.

    • We can take proactive measures to promote home-ownership for renters who contribute to community building.

    • We can also create incentives for developers to include affordable housing plans for any proposed developments

Fidelity to the Taxpayer

  • In the same way that we must responsibly manage the finances of our city budget, we must ensure equity in the distribution of city tax dollars. All areas of the city have needs that only the city can satisfy financially, and we should take care that the way we prioritize city projects is equitable and fair.


  • Almost every decision made by the city council has a price tag attached to it. Whether it is the passing of ordinances or approving of permits that represent revenue streams, or the decisions concerning allocation of city legal resources and human capital, every decision must be made with the best interest of the taxpayer in mind.

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