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Sam Wargin Grimaldo was born and raised in South Oklahoma City and currently resides in the Capitol Hill district with his daughter. The son of a Mexican immigrant mother and a white American father, his entire life has been an experience of navigating multiple cultures and recognizing the beauty and strength inherent in all people. While growing up, the realities of being from a working-class family instilled in Sam an appreciation for hard work, sacrifice, and a desire to constantly improve the quality of life for those community members who, like him, had to go without in so many areas of life and seemed to always be overlooked by those in power.

After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Sociology-Human Services, Sam began working with the Latino Community Development Agency—an organization whose services he benefited from as a child—developing programs for Latinx youth and their families. He later went on to become a teacher in the Oklahoma City Public Schools district, teaching English Language Development and Newspaper at U.S. Grant high school before deciding to pursue a law degree from the University of Oklahoma. Now in his second year of law school, Sam intends to continue his pattern of giving back to and working with his community by ensuring that all residents of South Oklahoma City have a strong voice and a powerful advocate at City Hall. 



As an avid advocate for his community, Sam is a strong believer that our local communities are what drive our city forward



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